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Oregon Wrestling Classic

As Oregon Wrestling Classic Coaches and Wrestlers, we know it is a privilege and not a right to represent my school at this Tournament. We will abide by all tournament rules while participating in any and all aspects of Oregon Wrestling Classic Tournament. Coaches, Wrestlers or any other person who is part of a Team participating in “Your Tournament” will face the consequences of violation of any and all rules including: Loss of Team Points, Removal From the Tournament, Potential Sanctions from the OSAA or the OWA. These sanctions may result in fines, probation, and revocation of the right to participate in OSAA & OWA activities. In addition, improper behavior, assault, bullying, harassment, as well as abuse may result in possible involvement with Law Enforcement. These rules include, but are not limited to; use of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs, theft of any type, insubordination to any tournament staff, volunteers or officials. To be part of this tournament is an honor and all participants are representing our State, Schools, Teams, Families and Yourself. It is expected that your personal conduct and behavior will not be detrimental to any other person or organization. In simple terms, we will do our best to be model team members at all times. We are about team work and making each other better in every way we can. Show respect, kindness, be helpful, no lying, no cheating, no stealing, no bullying in short “Do The Right Thing!

Sportsmanship is about representing yourself with honor, being the best person you can be, showing respect, knowing that sometimes things do not alway go your way, knowing that people may make mistakes, or may not see something you see. It is in these difficult situations that we all must show we can handle adversity and we can maintain our composure and that we will represent by displaying a deep sense of “Integrity”.


Shower / Locker Room Access and Use / Rules and Procedures:

The Expo Center has two Small Locker Rooms (Mens and Women’s). Each Locker Room has a good number of Showers for use by Athletes at the Tournament. Wrestlers “Must” to bring their own towels and soap. (We do not provide either) Your Team will be able to access the Locker Room through Cleve Thompson, Scott Shannon or Larry Morene, our team of HS Tournament Directors. We require that a whole Team will use the locker room at the same time and the Team must be supervised. We will unlock the door and re-lock it to limit access to only the approve teams using the facility. You will have access for 15 to 20 minutes max for the shower use, no playing around, rough housing, No Food, Coaches Supervision is required. Clean up after yourselves and leave the area better you found it. If any of my tournament staff asks your wrestlers to do something regarding care and cleaning up the area they are to do as directed. I am not trying to be a hard guy but we have had several cases where team members do not follow directions and are rude and disrespectful. We are happy to provide access to the the showers but this is a “Privilege” not a right. Hope to make use of the showers easy but, we will require Safety and Responsibility.

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