Welcome to the Oregon Wrestling Classic

Rules & Info

  • No Litter, No Chew, No Gum- Please keep the Weigh-In area clean
  • Teams should arrive early to begin skin checks and to be ready to weigh-in as soon as previous classifications weigh-ins are completed
  • Coaches and Wrestlers your patience and cooperation keeping the area clean is appreciated
  • Coaches and Wrestlers please be patient and cooperate with our Weigh Masters, Medical Staff and Tournament Staff
  • Please lineup in the order identified below
  • When you are told which teams will weigh-in first please let these teams move to the front of the line- we need your help to weigh-in the teams that will be wrestling first.
  • Coaches it is an Oregon Wrestling Classic requirement that you follow OSAA guidelines and enter your Wrestlers weight information into the OSAA system- this information will be used to enter your teams into Track Wrestling for the Oregon Classic Tournament.
  • Coaches please be ready to provide correct weights to tournament staff immediately after your team weigh-in- this updated information must be entered into Track Wrestling to have correct team information in the system to allow the tournament to operate and to begin on schedule.
  • All Teams / Wrestlers shall be given the following weight allowance for both days of the Oregon Classic Tournament. The OSAA 2 lb growth allowance will be in effect on the week of the Classic Jan. 12th &13th, 2018. In addition to the OSAA weight allowance an additional two pound weight allowance will be added as a result of teams having consecutive days of competition.
  • The consecutive days of competition 2 lb allowance and the OSAA 2 lb growth allowance will increase Oregon Wrestling Classic weights by 4 lbs. The same 4 lb allowance will be in effect for both days of the tournament. Wrestlers must weigh-in at the same weight class for both Friday and Saturday (The same weight on both days)
  • Examples: If the wrestler is 106 lbs with the +4 lbs allowance they will weigh-in at 110 lbs.; If the wrestler is 132 lbs with the +4 lbs allowance they will weigh-in at 136 lbs (Wrestlers must weigh-in at the same weight both days of the tournament). On Saturday, If this wrestler makes weight at 110 lbs or less they are eligible to wrestle in the 106 (110) lb and 113 (117) lb weight classes for the tournament.
  • On the second day of the tournament if your wrestler does not make weight at 110 lbs or less the wrestler will be eligible to wrestle in only one weight class which would be the 113 (117) lb weight class. If you have any questions regarding weigh-in rules for the Oregon Classic please contact Cleve Thompson at 360-601-2439 phone/text or email rcthompson350@comcast.net
  • Coaches are responsible for your wrestler making the correct weight both days of the tournament
  • Coaches are responsible for following tournament weight classification rules and to make sure that your team is following all OSAA Rules regarding weight plans
  • Please make sure that Oregon Classic & OSAA rules are followed so that you avoid problems for your school, your team, your wrestlers and the tournament

Seeding Criteria Guidelines

A) Each Division will use the following Seeding Criteria to separate the highest ranking Teams. 6A , 5A, 4A, (20 Teams each) 3A, (18 Teams) 2A/1A (16 Teams).

B) Proposed Seeding Criteria: The highest ranked seeding will be based on Ranking the Top 8 Teams in each Classification. Other Teams will draw into pools for each Classification using separation criteria to avoid League / Regional matchups as long as possible.  

The following suggested “Criteria” will be used by OWC Classification Representatives to recommend seeding for each Division for 2018.

  • Head to Head dual match competition 2018 season.
  • Common Opponent dual match competition 2018 season.
  • Team with the greatest number of returning State Placers from 2017.
  • Team with the greatest number of returning State Qualifiers from 2017.
  • Teams with the greatest number of wt. classes filled in current dual match lineup. (2018 season)
  • Team with the greatest number of top 3 placers in top tier individual tournaments competition in the 2018 season.
  • Current Ranking of Teams in each Division for 2018 Season.
  • Ranking input from coaches in each Division for 2018 Season.
  • Seeding of each Division (OWC) shall be reviewed by as many coaches as possible from each Division prior to approval of seeding for the 2018 Oregon Wrestling Classic. Note *****(Classification Representatives should make every effort possible to gain input from all schools in their classification). ******
  • Final seeding will be based on competition completed on Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018.
  • If Coaches have other ideas or suggestions please let your Classification Representatives or OWC representatives know as soon as possible.

Classifications Representatives:

  • 6A Jeff Zerba
  • 5A Les Combs
  • 4A Lonnie Eggert
  • 3A Richard Rockwell
  • 2A/1A Michael Day
  • OWC Cleve Thompson, Larry Morene, & Roy Pittman

Cross Bracket Procedures

The top two (2) Teams in each of Four (4) Pools in all Classifications 6A, 5A, 4A,3A, 2A/1A will move into the Championship Quarter Finals. The eight teams in each classification will be cross bracketed in the following manner.

All pools in each classification has (2) top (8) seeded teams:

Pool (1) #1 & #8 seeds, Pool (2) #2 & #7 seeds,

Pool (3) #3 & #6 seeds, Pool (4) #4 & #5 seeds.

Championship Quarter-Finals: The Quarter Final matches will pair the #1 vs. # 2 teams from each pool competition in the following manner.

Pool (1) #1 Team vs. Pool (4) #2 Team (Example - #1 seed vs. #5 seed)

Pool (1) #2 Team vs. Pool (4) #1 Team (Example - #4 seed vs. #8 seed)

Pool (2) #1 Team vs. Pool (3) #2 Team (Example - #2 seed vs. #7 seed)

Pool (2) #2 Team vs. Pool (3) #1 Team (Example - #3 Seed vs. #6 seed)

***Note: If the results of the Quarter Final matches do not follow the original seeding of the tournament. The brackets for the Championship Semi-Finals will be adjusted (flopped) so that “no teams” who have already wrestled in pool competition will be paired in the Semi-Finals. This means that teams who have already wrestled in Pool Competition would not meet again unless both teams qualified to wrestle in the Championship or 3rd & 4th place Finals.

Championship Semi-Finals: Will match the Quarter Final Winners

If the tournament seeding results in the top seed from each pool advancing to the Semi-Finals matches will proceed in the following manner.

Pool (1) Quarter Final Winner #1 seed would be matched with Pool (4) Quarter Final Winner #4 seed.

Pool (2) Quarter Final Winner #2 seed would be matched with Pool (3) Quarter Final Winner #3 seed.

If the tournament seeding changes as a result of a #2 Team winning in the Quarter Finals the Semi-Finals will be flopped so no teams that have previously wrestled will meet again until the Championship or 3rd & 4th place Finals. The winners of the Semi-Finals will advance to the Championship Finals and the losers will advance to the 3rd & 4th place Finals.

The same procedure will be used in pairing the consolation semi-finals so that team who have wrestled before will not wrestle again until the 5th & 6th or 7th & 8th place match.

Tie Breaker Criteria & Procedures

All Dual Match Ties will be reported to High School Tournament Director (Larry Morene) at the Head Table. The High School Tournament Director will Coordinate all Tie Breaker Procedures and Process. Each Coach of tied teams will be provided Tie Breaker information sheet, criteria, as well a a Tie Breaker worksheet to calculate and document data.

Ties shall be reviewed by coaches of each Team and the High School Tournament Director (Larry Morene) to determine the result of any tie. Teams will be notified and then the winning team will be announced on the public address system.

In the case of two or three-way ties, we will settle the tie using the Tie-Breaker Criteria as set forth by the(2018)National Federation of State High School Wrestling (NFHS) Rules, specifically Rule 9-2, Article 2.

In a three-way tie in which each team has beaten each other within the Round Robin competition. All matches wrestled between the three teams will be used when totaling up the results using Rule 9-2, Article 2. This process will be used until one of the three teams is eliminated. When one team is eliminated leaving two teams in the tie, Head-to-Head competition will determine the winner.

Example: In a (4) Team Pool -- Team A wins 3 matches and is the #1 Team in the Pool. Teams B,C,D all have (2) wins and (1) loss and each of the Teams have beaten each other. The “Tie-Breaker” will be used to eliminate one of the Teams. The first Team eliminated in the process Team B becomes the #4 Team in the Pool. Head-to-Head competition between the (2) remaining Teams C & D is reviewed with the Head-to-Head winner Team C being the winner of the tie. Team C is 2nd in the pool and Team D is 3rd in the pool. Final Decisions on all Ties will be the Responsibility of the High School Tournament Director.

Admission & Access

Adult - 2 Day Tournament Pass: $25
Adult- 1 Day: $15
Seniors (over 60)- 1 Day: $10
Youth and Student (11 to 18): $5
Children (under 10): No Charge

Friday, January 12
Gates Open 6:45 am
Gates Close 9:30 pm
Wrestling Begins 7:30 am (6A Mats 1-8 /  4A Mats 9-16)

Saturday, January 13
Gates Open 7:00 am
Gates Close 7:30 pm
Wrestling Begins 8:00 am (6A Mats 1-6 / 4A Mats 7-12 / 5A Mats 13-16)

NOTE: Kids & Cadet Tournament is a separate event requiring different admission.

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1-2A Seeding Pool

3A Seeding Pool

4A Seeding Pool

5A Seeding Pool

6A Seeding Pool

2018 High School Boys Teams

Barlow HSBend HSBaker HSBurns HSCentral Linn HS
Centennial HSCrater HSBanks HSCoquille HSCrane HS
Clackamas HSDallas HSCascade HSCrater II (NS)Culver HS
Cleveland HSEagle Point HSCrook County HSCreswell HSElgin HS
David Douglas HSHermiston HSDouglas HSCrook County II (NS)Enterprise HS
Grants Pass HSHillsboro HSEstacada HSDayton HSGrant Union HS
Hidden Valley HS (NS)Hood River HSHenley HSGlide HSHeppner HS
Lincoln HSMilwaukie HSLaGrande HSHarrisburg HSKennedy HS
McMinnville HSMolalla HS (NS)Madras HSIrrigon HSKnappa HS
McNary HSMt. View HSMarshfield HSJefferson HS (Lions)Lowell HS
Newberg HSPendleton HSMazama HSLakeview HSMonroe HS
North Medford HSPutman HSMcLoughlin HS (Mc HI)LaPine HSMyrtle Point HS
Oregon City HSRedmond HSNorth Marion HSNorth Medford II (NS)Neah-Kah-Nie HS
Roseburg HSRidgeview HSPhilomath HSRainier HSOakridge HS
Sherwood HSSandy HSPhoenix HSRedmond II (NS)Reedsport HS
South Medford HSSilverton HSScappoose HSRiverside HSVernonia HS
Sprague HSSpringfield HSSisters HSSantiam Christian HS
Tualatin HSThurston HSSweet Home HSScio HS
West Albany HSWilsonville HSTillamook HSVale HS
West Linn HSHermiston II (NS)Yamhill-Carlton HSWillamina HS

(NS) Non-Scoring School